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Brief Introduction

Regulation for the establishment of University Development Committee, China Medical University

  1. University Development Committee was established to conduct and execute plans for the promotion of university development.
  2. Job description of the committee includes the following:
    2.1. Mid and long-term developmental plans.
    2.2. Developmental direction and major school affairs.
    2.3. Preliminary evaluation of the establishment or amendment of academic or administrative units, and affiliated bodies.
    2.4. Campus developmental plans.
  3. The committee is composed of the following members:
    3.1. Ex-officio members: President, Vice President, Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of General Affairs, Dean of R&D, Director of HR, Director of Accounting, Dean of all Colleges, Director of General Education, and Curator of Li-Fu Museum of Chinese Medicine.
    3.2. Selected members: Two from each college of different department, and one faculty member from Center of General Education. Both with a one year serving term.
    3.3. Student members: One from each of the undergraduate and graduate program.
  4. The committee meeting is convene and chair by the President, who obtains the right to designate a member to chair the meeting when necessary.
  5. One execute secretary for the committee is selected by the President, responsible for administrative matters related to the meeting.
  6. The committee meeting shall be convened at least once per semester. Relative personnel and units are ask to provide information or attend the meeting when necessary.
  7. Meeting shall not start till more than 2/3 of the members present. Proposed matters shall not be approved till more than half of the members agree.
  8. Sub-groups for various task may be established upon approval by the committee.
  9. The committee shall report to Faculty Senate Meeting every academic year.
  10. This regulation was passed under normal procedures and approved by the President at Faculty Senate Meeting.


Meeting Minutes

Electronic minutes of the meeting after 2004 Academic Year can be downloaded at School Portal/Web HD.


Proposal Procedure

All proposal shall be submitted to Secretariat for approval by the President. Please inform the responsible personnel for record upon approval.