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Brief Introduction

  1. “University Advisory Committee” was established under Article 20 of the University organization regulation, for providing a platform to gather internal and external experts to advice on long-term university developmental strategy and direction. 
  2. Roles and responsibilities of the committee include the following:
    2.1. Matters related to the outstanding features  of the university and future direction for development.
    2.2. Re-evaluation of the short and mid-term goals for the university developmental plan.
    2.3. Integration of educational units and matters related to the establishment and termination of each units.
    2.4. Other matters related to the overall university developmental plan.
  3. Members of the committee are  eminent experts from outside campus, appointed by the President with a serving term of one year.  Members of the advisory committee are not given an official position but are supported with attendance fees and travel expenses.
  4. Secretariat is in charge for all affairs related to the meeting.
  5. The meeting shall be convened once a year, extraordinary meeting may be called when necessary.
  6. Issues resolve at the meeting shall be adopted as reference for the university.  
  7. This regulation was passed under normal procedures and approved by the President at Faculty Senate Meeting.


Meeting Minutes

All meeting minutes shall be kept at Office of the President for record.