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Brief Introduction

Article 15 of the University organization regulations states that “Faculty Senate Meeting serves to resolve major school affairs matters. The representatives of the meeting consist of President, Vice President, Dean of Affiliated Hospital, Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of General Affairs, Dean of Research and Development, Dean of Academia-Industry Cooperation, Dean of International Affairs, Dean of all Colleges, Head of all Departments, Librarian, Curator of Li-Fu Museum of Chinese Medicine, Chief of the Secretariat, Director of HR, Director of Accounting, Director of Military Training, Director of Sports, Director of Environmental Safety, Students Bodies and etc.”

Faculty representatives shall be no less than 50 % of the meeting participants, with at least 2/3 of them serving as Professor or Associate Professor. President may invite other representatives to attend the meeting. Faculty representatives stated here shall not serve any supervisory position of an academic or administrative unit at the same time.

Three staff representatives shall be selected by staffs through election with a one year term of service.

Student representatives shall be no less than 10 % of the meeting participants. President of the Student council shall be selected by students through election with a one year term of service.

Faculty Senate Meting will be convened at least once each semester; extraordinary meeting will be convened when necessary. When more than 20 % of the participants request for a meeting, President shall call an extraordinary meeting within 15 days of request when necessary.

Various sub-committees or ad hoc groups may be established to implement related matters.

Article 16 of the University organization regulations states that Faculty Senate Meeting shall discuss the following matters:

  1. University developmental plan and budget.
  2. Organization regulations and related rules.
  3. Establishment and termination of College, Department, Institute and Affiliated Unit.
  4. Academic affairs, student affairs, general affairs, R&D and other school-related matters.
  5. Matters related to the evaluation of instructors’ performance.
  6. Matters related to the committee or ad hoc group established by the meeting committee.
  7. Matters proposed at meeting or by the President.


Meeting Minutes

Electronic minutes of the meeting after 2000 Academic Year can be downloaded at School Portal/Web HD.


Proposal Procedure

All proposal shall be submitted to Secretariat for approval by the President. Please inform the responsible personnel for record upon approval.